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Hong Kong




Open Data refers to the data produced, collected and disseminated by the Government, public and private organisations as part of their day-to-day operations. DATA.GOV.HK portal makes open data available in machine-readable format for re-use for commercial or non-commercial purposes free-of-charge, with a view to facilitating the development of new solutions and innovations, as well as academic research and analysis.

Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI Portal)

Transport Department 

Dataset Description

Traffic Data of Strategic / Major Roads (Raw & Processed)

Annual Traffic Census Survey Data

Journey time indicators (2nd Generation)

Speed map panels (2nd Generation)

Real-time arrival data of green minibuses (GMBs)

Special Traffic News (2nd Generation)

Theme Suggestion

  • Analysis of urban road traffic conditions during different time periods, such as providing traffic congestion index, traffic flow, queue length, etc. for different road sections or areas.

  • ​Evaluation of road traffic impact due to changes in traffic condition (e.g. traffic incident, special traffic and transport arrangement) in the vicinity.

  • ​Comparison of vehicle speeds and journey times before and after the implementation of “HKeToll” at different road tunnels.

Esri China (Hong Kong)


Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited is a home-grown IT company specializing in Geographic Information System (GIS) and mapping solutions to serve Hong Kong and Macao customers since 1997.  We aim to make our customers successful through the applications of innovative GIS and mapping technologies.  We also support building Hong Kong and Macao as leading smart cities by integrating GIS seamlessly with other smart technologies as the backbone of smart city infrastructure.  We deliver comprehensive GIS solutions, GIS & IT consulting and implementation lifecycle services as well as professional training to help organizations to enhance their business and competitiveness.

Dataset Description

1. Transport

  • Road Network Data of Hong Kong 

  • 3D Pedestrian Network in Hong Kong

2. Building

  • LandsD 3D-BIT00 Models

  • Buildings in Hong Kong

3. Population 

  • Hong Kong Population Density by 18 districts in 2021

  • Hong Kong Population Distribution by Age by Small Tertiary Planning Unit Group in 2016

4. Town Planning

  • Hong Kong Outline Zoning Plans Land Use Zonings

5. Natural Landscape

  • LiDAR Data in Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong Digital Terrain Model from 2020 LiDAR Survey (5m grid)

  • Slope of Hong Kong

6. Environmental

  • Old and Valuable Trees and Stonewall Trees in Hong Kong


Theme Suggestion

  • Utilizing GIS technology and 3D modeling, design the future urban landscapes and architectural plans for Hong Kong or Shanghai to achieve livable and sustainable Sponge City environments.

  • Utilize geospatial data for the revitalization and development planning of the old districts in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

  • Climate change in the dual cities of Hong Kong and Shanghai: Enhancing resilience and spatial governance through new strategies.

  • Intelligent charging solutions: Innovative solutions to drive the development of electric vehicles.

  • Based on GIS analysis of population, transportation, and infrastructure data in Hong Kong or Shanghai, propose urban expansion and land use planning strategies to address population growth and urban development needs.

  • Analyze the cultural heritage and urban history of Hong Kong or Shanghai based on GIS technology and historical data, and propose plans for the protection and utilization of urban cultural assets.

If you require access to the respective dataset, please contact with us through email/WeChat or WhatsApp


Shanghai Public Data Open Platform




Shanghai Public Data Open Platform is an information management system for data open subjects and data utilization subjects, realizing the whole process management of public data opening, guaranteeing the compliance, security and controllability of public data and the opening process, and promoting the development of digital economy. Utilizing the Shanghai Big Data Resource Platform, the Data Open Portal provides data utilization subjects (natural persons and legal persons) with public data that are machine-readable, utilizable and original.


Dataset Description


Shanghai Public Data Open Platform has now opened 51 data departments, 132 data opening organizations, 5,527 data sets (including 2,118 data interfaces), 84 data shoulds, 45,582 data items, and 1,991,774,761 pieces of data, covering the fields of economic construction, resources and environment, educational technology, road transportation, social development, and public security and so on.

Shanghai Electric Vehicle Public Data


Shanghai Electric Vehicle Public Data Collecting Monitoring and Research Center is the only third-party public data platform for electric vehicles in Shanghai, which was formally established in 2014. According to the national standard data center sampling frequency of 10 seconds / times, a total of 124 data fields, including 44 static data, 80 real-time dynamic data. By the end of April 2024, the Shanghai data center platform has accumulated access to collect the operating data of more than 1.4 million electric vehicles in Shanghai.

Dataset Description

Transportation Data

Based on the actual operation data of electric vehicles, the electric vehicle flow data of a section of the road was fitted, including the flow and flow rate characteristics of the road in the morning and evening peaks as well as the flat peaks, and including the diversion behaviors of the vehicles at the intersections. The length of this section of road is 7 kilometers, and the number of electric vehicles (not full motorized vehicles) passing through in one day is 7,000 vehicles. The dataset includes two weekdays, Monday and Wednesday. The dataset includes fields such as vehicle number, time of the hit, coordinates of the hit, and speed of the hit.


Theme Suggestion

Transportation Data

  • An Exploratory Study on Optimization of Road Traffic Signal Timing

  • An Exploratory analysis of road flow forecasting and congestion evaluation

  • An exploratory study of decision-making services for vehicular green wave access

             Data  will be available in July

Shanghai Topease Information Technology



Shanghai Topease Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as 'Topease’ ), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Donghao Lansheng (Group) Co., Ltd., was established in 2004 as a comprehensive solution provider for enterprise digital marketing.

To adhere to clients' real needs and solve practical problems, we combine Al and cloud computing technology to reach the full potential of big data, helping to empower customers with global insights and improve their digital marketing ability.

If you require access to the respective dataset, please contact with us through email/WeChat or WhatsApp

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